Bacteriophage Testing

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Bacteriophages are naturally occurring viruses that infect bacteria. They are unaffected by antimicrobial resistance and are able to target bacteria within biofilms. Bacteriophages can be either lysogenic and coexist with their host by inserting themselves into the bacterial genome, or they can be lytic and destroy their host. Lytic bacteriophages replicate inside their hosts, then release many new bacteriophages able to infect more bacteria.

The first steps in testing phage are propagation purification. Once a concentrated and purified phage culture is produced, it can be stored and/or used to perform anti-microbial studies utilizing the phage specific host(s). Exposure of the host bacteria and biofilms to phage for biofilm formation inhibition, as well as killing a preformed biofilm, can be done utilizing the MBEC™ assay. Bacteriophage adhesion testing to target surfaces and coatings can also be done using the MBEC™ and the BEST™ assays.

Our current model organisms are the host Escherichia coli ATCC 13706 and Phage Phi x174. Other host/phage pairs are available on request

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