Innovotech : Products
Innovotech is an innovator in the field of biofilm product development, focused on providing innovative and practical solutions to medical, agricultural and industrial problems caused by microbial biofilms.

Innovotech has a broad range of products that address the issue of biofilms within a number of different industries, including commercially available products in a variety of market segments.

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InnovoSIL™ Antimicrobial Products

InnovoSIL™ is a family of novel antimicrobial agents ideally suited to coating onto or incorporation into medical devices.

The MBEC Assay™

The MBEC assay s a high throughput biofilm growth device that was approved as an ASTM International standard in 2011 (

Agress® and AgreGuard™

Agress® and AgreGuard™ are unique, environmentally friendly seed treatments and plant sprays designed to protect crops against both bacterial and fungal infections. Agress® is entering the regulatory approval stage and is not currently available for commercial sale.