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Innovotech solves client biofilm problems through its Biofilm Contract Research Department. The company has a distinguished track record of both standardized and customized research to meet client needs.

The scope of research is from early stage identification of problems and screening of agents for "anti-biofilm activity", to research acceptable to regulatory agencies for product claim validation, to post-market product comparisons for marketing purposes. The company regularly develops in vitro models of the client specific situation as a starting point that enables any number of test parameters to be tested.

Innovotech specializes in assembling data packages for 510K applications that the FDA requires for implant medical devices.

Biofilm problems in industry that the company has resolved includes:

  • Catheter and implant medical devices
  • Antibiotic drug development
  • Wound healing
  • Paint and specialized coatings
  • Water system antimicrobial agents
  • Dental treatments and water line antimicrobial agents
  • Bacterial and fungal agricultural crop diseases
  • Hard surface disinfectants in food safety, transportation and health care
  • Bacteriophage Testing

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