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Biofilm Research

Microbial biofilms are as common in nature as the microorganisms that cause them. Virtually any liquid environment where microorganisms are subject to stress or flow will create conditions for biofilm growth. This can be as innocuous as the slime on stones in a stream, or as life-threatening as the biofilm infections that affect the lungs of children with cystic fibrosis. A host of human diseases, industrial processing problems and plant and animal health issues are caused by microbial biofilms.

Innovotech is a product development company utilizing its unique expertise in microbial biofilms to develop diagnostic tools and product treatments for biofilm problems in human health, agriculture and industry.

Current research programs are:

Agricultural seed treatments -  many common infestations of crops are caused by biofilm organisms. Innovotech has developed a compound that is effective against both fungal and bacterial biofilm infestations of crops, and is currently developing additional treatment options.

Medical device applications - Innovotech has identified a number of compounds with efficacy against fungal and bacterial biofilms, which can be incorporated into or coated onto a variety of surfaces used in medical devices such as catheters, wound dressings, and implants.  Some of these compounds may also be used in gels or sprays.