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Veterinary Biofilm Susceptibility Testing

Innovotech has recently developed a new product line of microbial biofilm susceptibility tests for the veterinary market. These tests provide veterinarians with better guidance on the selection of antibiotics for chronic infections in animals such as mastitis in dairy cows, and ear, dental or persistent skin infections in family pets.

The basis of Innovotech’s tests is that the bacteria are tested in the biofilm state, where they can be much more resistant to antibiotics.  Current testing is based on the organism in a free-floating, rather than in a biofilm state, and can potentially lead to treatment failures, propagation of bacterial resistance and increased costs.

Innovotech has entered into a Distribution Agreemement with Spectrum Labs Inc., specialists in veterinary allergy testing in the United States and over 40 countries worldwide, who have been granted exclusive worldwide rights to market Innovotech’s InnovoSCEPT veterinary biofilm tests as part of Spectrum’s testing service under the name of becSCREEN.

For more information on Spectrum’s testing service using the InnovoSCEPT kits, please contact Mervyn Levine, CEO, at or (480) 464-8971. 

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