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About ~ Management

James Timourian, President
Dr. Timourian is a former university mathematics professor and successful investor in technology companies. He possesses a PhD in Mathematics.

Amin Omar, Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Omar is a biofilm expert, having completed his Ph.D. at Manchester University in England. He is responsible for meeting client needs through the provision of contract research services to a wide scope of companies including oil & gas, pharmaceutical, consumer products and food processing. His team provides a range of services including initial screening of antimicrobial candidates through to scientific studies for regulatory approval. His largest single client group is the medical device industry seeking standardized testing for antimicrobial coatings. This testing is used for regulatory submissions to the US Food & Drug Administration. He is also responsible for the overall operation of the Innovotech laboratory.

Patricia Nadworny, Product Development Manager
Dr. Nadworny is a professional engineer with a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta in Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Nadworny is a silver expert and manages a joint microbiological/chemistry research team in the development of Innovotech antimicrobial products including InnovoSIL™, our family of silver compounds for medical device applications and Agress® and AgreGuard™, our novel silver-based crop treatment products.