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Innovotech’s origins, like many technology companies, evolved from academic research, in this case, at the University of Calgary. The Biofilm Research Group (BRG) of the University of Calgary was founded by Merle Olson, Howard Ceri and a group of other researcher with interest in biofilms. The BRG became recognized as a center for the testing of antimicrobials, biocides and device coatings and for developing animal models to study biofilm disease, leading to the development of Innovotech’s Contract Research business.

Innovotech amalgamated the technology from MBEC™, formerly the Calgary Biofilm Device in 2004 into a product development company. The first product line developed by Innovotech was the bioFILM PA assay designed to investigate susceptibility of infections to antibiotics.

Innovotech has developed Agress® Seed Treatment, initially for the bean, soy and general pulse crop markets. Agress® is a high oxidation state silver compound that effectively kills bacterial and fungal pathogens.

The Company is currently focused on the InnovoSIL™ family of new silver based antimicrobial compounds.

There are a wide range of potential uses for these compounds including on medical devices such as catheters, wound dressings and implants, as well as for treatments for plant diseases.


  1. Interspecies variation in Candida biofilm formation studied using the Calgary biofilm device.
  2. Investigating the suitability of the Calgary Biofilm Device for assessing the antimicrobial efficacy of new agents
  3. The Calgary Biofilm Device: New Technology for Rapid Determination of Antibiotic Susceptibilities of Bacterial Biofilms
  4. The MBEC Assay™ System: multiple equivalent biofilms for antibiotic and biocide susceptibility testing