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MBEC Assay and Other Products

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Products ~ MBEC™ Assays
(formerly the Calgary Biofilm Device)

"Innovotech's MBEC™ P&G Assay (Product Code 19111, 19112, 19131, 19132, 19113, 19133, 19153, 19151, 19152) complies with ASTM International Standard E2799-12 "Standard Method for Testing Disinfectant Efficacy against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm using the MBEC™ Assay"

The MBEC™ Assay is a high throughput screening assay used to determine the efficacy of antimicrobials against biofilms of a variety of microorganisms.

The MBEC™ Assay Biofilm Inoculator consists of a plastic lid with 96 pegs and a corresponding base. The assay design allows for the simultaneous testing of multiple biocides at multiple concentrations with replicate samples, making it an efficient screening tool.

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Antimicrobial Validation Services

Innovotech's matrix driven experimental systems allow for rapid high throughput screening and antimicrobial R&D for a variety of systems and applications.

The MBEC™ assay and the BEST™ system can be used for investigating disinfectants, antimicrobial coatings, and many other applications covering the full range from development through regulatory submission to post-market analysis.

  • Catheter and implant medical devices
  • Antibiotic drug development
  • Wound healing
  • Water system antimicrobial agents
  • Dental applications
  • Oil pipeline corrosion
  • Hard surface disinfectants in food safety, transportation and health care

Cytotoxicity Testing  Services

Cytotoxicity testing is designed to determine the cytotoxic effects of leachables from a device/material. Our testing is in compliance with ISO 10993-5 standard. Our cell lines include, but not limited to,  mouse fibroblasts and HeLa.

InnovoSIL™ Antimicrobial Products

InnovoSIL™ is a family of novel and very effective antimicrobial agents ideally suited to coating onto or incorporation into medical devices.

InnovoSIL™-1 is a new, unique, very effective and widely applicable anti-biofilm agent.

This silver-based product is able to eliminate a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi, and unlike conventional silver treatments it is not readily inactivated by bodily fluids, reducing amounts required for efficacy and increasing its useful life.

InnovoSil™-1 is a slow release equilibrating material with better biofilm penetration that may be a key to the battle against microbial resistance.

InnovoSil™-1 is an ideal candidate for many situations in which infection prevention or eradication is needed.

Newly Published Article:  Ag5IO6:  Novel antibiofilm activity of a silver compound with application to medical devices

InnovoSIL™-1 is readily incorporated into or coated onto medical device materials, including polymers used in catheters, wound dressings, and other medical devices, metals used in implants, surgical instruments, needles, and other applications, and gels, including wound gels and lubricants.

Innovotech is ready to work with partners interested in using InnovoSIL™-1 to provide the antimicrobial activity needed for their products.

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